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Amy Hayek and Jenny Hayek of J & A Designs Photography







Amy Hayek

I'm Jenny! I tend to SING along to songs in my car, and I am a sucker for a good road trip with no place in mind. Don't TEMPT me, cause I'll keep you on your toes. CRANK UP some Eric Church and let's hit the road!

FAMILY means the most to me. I MISS my grandparents everyday that goes by. They helped me realize that TIME IS PRECIOUS and you've got to DO what you LOVE or you really aren't LIVING.

My PASSION unfolded throughout my travels as I THRIVED on DOCUMENTING the people and places I've seen. With a background in graphic design, I brought out the most in each MOMENT.

It wasn't long after, Amy and I met and instantly recognized the CHEMISTRY we had. And if you've met us, IT SHOWS! The rest as they history. Or, more like, HISTORY IN THE MAKING.

If you think taking photos is the same boring thing you remember as a kid, you surely haven't worked with us. We leave you WANTING MORE.

And no need to tempt me; I'm on the dance floor getting that shot faster than you can say FOOTLOOSE!





I'm Amy (INDY)! I LOVE MY JOB. I love fall days, and I love cold cucumber water. Jeans are my fave - along with my wayfarer or aviator sunglasses and a great cup of coffee. Oh, and I'm not shy to admit, I CRANK UP the club mix station on Pandora when Im alone and DANCE in my studio. Oh yah!

I went to school for cosmetology and communications and later found my art - DOCUMENTING beautiful people like YOU with my lens. I'm PASSIONATE about my work and it shows. I believe you got to love what you do in order to be good at it, and be HAPPY doing it.

I'm THANKFUL for my FAMILY and to GOD for leading me to be who I am. I believe in saying I love you often; even if its just to your favorite pet. Hey, LOVE is what keeps us going right!?

It's no secret, we aren't your typical photographers. We tend to get in the ZONE and nothing gets us more EXCITED than being able to SHARE and document two people who love eachother. And you can expect us to BUST A MOVE on the dance floor if thats what it takes to get the shot.

Turn us loose...I DARE YOU!

Turn Us Loose...I Dare You.